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RB Medical Engineering Ltd acquired by Andrew Industries Ltd


RB Medical Engineering Ltd

John Hatt, Business Partnership Corporate’s Regional Partner, was introduced to the owner of this very well run family business by a local solicitor, who following a meeting was instructed in the sale of the business as a move to full retirement was desired by the owner.

Originally started in 2000 by our client, the business grew to some 30 employees and was well formed and run virtually under complete management, with its own Managing Director, Finance Director and with a full team of managers in all key positions.

This well established medical and precision engineering business has a broad customer base with the 146 or so Acute Trusts within the UK, which accounts for some 75% of the overall business.

The business is a blend of own manufacture via its precision engineering base and wholesaling of imported products with many under their own brand label.

The deal consisted of a sale of 100% of the issued share capital.